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"I'm Always Skeptical when I see Blacky Black persons allowing themselves to be used by the white community"

- Dr. Mark Whitaker on 

Shannon Glover

"Leave it Alone" -

Shannon Glover on the

Confederate Monument in 2016

Now Shannon Glover is trying to plan both sides of the issue!

He showed up to the protests at the confederate monument, where a person was severely injured, trying to act like he was the hero of the cause and mislead voters on what actually happened.

The Facts About

Shannon Glover

  • Supported leaving the Confederate Monument in Downtown Portsmouth.

  • Voted against protecting law-abiding citizens' second amendment rights.

  • Believes that the tolls connecting Portsmouth to Hampton Roads are critical to maintaining our quality of life as they mitigate traffic.

Shannon Glover's Biggest Donors 

Are Part of a Special Interest Group

 John Wright 

 Don Comer 

 Brad Cherry 

Waverton Associates

Shannon Glover Cannot Represent the People of Portsmouth Any Longer!